Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMMA) Guidebook

The WOMMA has published a very insightful guidebook (60 pages, free download) on the different metrics related to word of mouth marketing campaigns and initiatives.

The guidebook can be downloaded from the WOMMA site. Continue reading

Harnessing the Groundswel: Drive Your Business With Empowered Employees and Customers

Forresters’s Josh Bernoff and Ted Schadler have announced their new book “”Harnessing the Groundswell” — Not really a sequel to “Groundswell“, it focuses on individuals empowered by technology and how businesses can tap into that force for a better business performance. Continue reading


Deconstructing authority in social context of a wired world

Clay Shirky continues to provide insightful comments about the changes permeating our society in the context of the fundamental changes brought forward by social media.

Algorithmic authority is the decision to regard as authoritative an unmanaged process of extracting value from diverse, untrustworthy sources, without any human standing beside the result saying “Trust this because you trust me.” This model of authority differs from personal or institutional authority, and has, I think, three critical characteristics. Continue reading