Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMMA) Guidebook

The WOMMA has published a very insightful guidebook (60 pages, free download) on the different metrics related to word of mouth marketing campaigns and initiatives.

The guidebook can be downloaded from the WOMMA site.

The promise of word of mouth (WOM) marketing initiatives has practically saturated the consciousness of every brand marketer: relevant, more targeted reach leading to more efficient use of marketing dollars, a virutal focus group providing commentary about a company’s products and services, and opportunities for engaging customers in greater dialogue, just to name a few.

But one important barrier to adopting WOM marketing more broadly has been a lack of understanding about what, and how, to measure the impact of WOM marketing. Without this understanding, we lack the ability as marketers to build our business cases, demonstrate the impact of our programs, and have the security and support from upper management to make huge leaps forward.

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