An excellent Survey from Alterian “offers insight into the methods and investments that marketers are currently exploring and implementing to engage with their customers”, namely a study related to the application of social media to marketing.

The survey covered 1068 marketing professionals, 98% in North America and Europe and 2% in Asia/Pacific and other regions.

Some notable quotes:

“We’ve hinted before that agencies that can’t transition from pushing out messages to nurturing customer connections aren’t long for this world. Agency readers, heed our warning. Services firms that lack data management, analytics, listening, social media execution, and strategy expertise will dry up.”
– ”US Interactive Forecast”, Forrester Research, Inc., July 2009

“Company marketers will never get the data from digital marketing without testing, so I would encourage those who have
not historically leveraged search, social media, mo- bile and other interactive advertising channels to do their homework to establish a digital marketing roadmap and start testing and capturing data.”

What do the marketers have to do to prepare themselves for change today? What training is needed to prepare them? What do the marketers need to do to make sure that the CEO values them? There are two aspects the marketer must address. One is to understand how customers are changing. The other is to understand the new tools and techniques that are available that must be considered and integrated into the overall marketing plan.”
– David Friedman,

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