M & T / Media and Technology ~
Exploring the boundaries where human interaction, business, and technology meet.

Throughout my life I have been actively involved in the development of digital technologies, online strategies, media asset management, digital video, Voice over IP, digital publishing, typography, and social media … a very strange mix for some … and very natural for me. Yes to the horizontal and the diagonal. Learn, investigate, integrate, cross-fertilize, collaborate, innovate. These are my keywords.

I have extensive experience in the software development cycle, global deployments, telecommunications, networking, and software design. Possessing detailed technical expertise coupled with business acumen, I have applied it to technology, strategy, managerial and marketing projects.  With a broad history of conceptualization, strategic planning, implementation, deployment, and product management, I have helped my clients achieve success and excellence in their businesses. My diverse international business skills includes extended periods in Israel, Europe, India, United Kingdom and the United Sates, and I am fluent in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

As a hobby I explore the application of traditional painting techniques (oils, impasto, watercolor, charcoal, etc) to the digital realm and developed some interesting techniques based on the concept of computer assisted painting. My explorations are in portraiture and still life. I play and collect Native American flutes, ocarinas and the Andean moseños.

I have come to learn that peace is possible, and I am deeply grateful for that.

(photo credit: Bass Photography)

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  1. Hi,
    you don’t have an update for your mobile content plugin switch for joomla 3.x?
    I am migrating from a legacy joomla vesion to their latest version and I need this plugin so bad. its great!
    let me know please

  2. Sorry Erwin, this plugin is no longer maintained. Hope you can find an alternative

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